It is not the length of our life's that matters, but the depth at which we live that life that affects others.


Memory is a diary that everyone carries with them. So let these pages express upon its viewers the depth of life shared with us.


Below are names of Friends, Comrades, Individuals that saw the world as a place to adventure about on two wheels, too experience it, to breath it in, and not just travel through it. Not many can say that, But I am sure these individuals did.


In loving memory of those who have gone before,

Friends for fun,





If you would like me to include a memorial of a past Chapter M family member or friends please by all means get me some info/pictures/stories or contact me via email.

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Howie Amidon

Jan 3, 1945 to May 12, 2002

Mel Swett

Feb 22, 1936 to Jan 1, 2004

Jo Garoutte

Dec 1, 1936 to Aug, 28, 2006

Arnold Ray (Arnie) Jackson

Mar. 17, 1937 to Feb. 27, 2007

Butch Haas

Feb 27, 1945 to Apr. 16, 2007

Dave Zimmerman

Oct 20, 1933 to Apr. 23, 2010

Lee Willson

Mar. 28, 1927 to Nov. 19, 2010

Glen Worman

Sep 13, 1926 to Jan 14, 2011

Clete Clinton Sweezea

Jul 11, 1929 to Oct 9, 2013

Roger Andrew Strother

Aug 4, 1932 to Aug 3, 2014

Ronald K. Hafsos

Dec 29, 1940 to Feb 18, 2015

Tootie Bender

May 29, 1943 to Jul 11, 2011

Wade Adams

Dec 10, 1934 to Jun 25, 2010

Phyllis Arnold

Sep 16, 1932 to Jun 27, 2000

Emma Johnson

Mar 14, 1932 to Aug 10, 2009

Dick Farnsworth

Nov 28, 1919 to Mar 23, 2005

A special "Thanks" to Ken Phipps for getting me most if not all the information on past members. These pages are for our members and friends, and so I extend a very warm thank you to Ken for his diligent work in casting a huge roll in making them possible. Michael

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