Things to know about Chapter “M”

Hello My Name is Michael Turner (Website Administrator)


    When I joined Chapter M, I had many questions that I thought I would answer here. So I made this page on our website to help other people who might have the same questions wouldn't have to search too far to find them.


  • We are a Charter organization of the GWRRA (Gold Wing Road Riders Association) Region I, Washington state District, and finally Chapter “M” of that district in the Yakima area. In the GWRRA organization there are many regions with many districts with then again many individual chapters all of us with one thing if not more in common we like to ride motorcycles. Hence the Motto; Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge. For more info on the GWRRA click “about us” from the home page or visit the National website by clicking on the GWRRA Logo in the upper right corner of our website.


  • Chapter “M” is the “Mountain Lions”. Great mascot, tough, silent, swift, great hunter, intimidating, yeah whatever. I personally think it’s a great Mascot and can get behind our Logos.


  • Vests/Jackets; Oh boy did we stir some memories with this one. The history has spoken apparently the chapter was first founded with the sky blue shirts but a western cut, long sleeve, and a denim vest black or blue has not been established yet and of course with GWRRA Logos on the back of said vests. The story goes that because of difficulty finding such a western cut locally and the influences of a national meeting where everyone wore a Polo style, and the color of their respective chapters. Which appeared to be a great sight with all that uniformity. Therefore most have abandoned the western cut/style attire. Now for me if we were the only ones wearing a western style we would stand out and I am all about that. We as a chapter do not require a uniform per say, however we do encourage individuals to participate. I am sure if you ask someone they can and will recommend brands, style, and fitment. Most wear a Sky Blue, Polo Style shirt, and black leather vests.


  • Patches, Logo’s, Award Bars are worn and adorned both Vests and Jackets the only thing I can find is that the GWRRA 10” patch will not be a subordinate to any other patch and the 10” patch is considered a Back Patch. I am sure that rocker/award patches and others are established by ether chapter or district for placement to create a look of uniformity. Because GWRRA is about education there are many ways to earn patches and pins. Members are encouraged to learn, experience and show off those achievements. Display of your achievements on a vest or jacket is something personal. Patches are given when completing GWRRA courses, also through the national website and sometimes sold through the chapter stores.


  • Riding gear is designed for safety. I know this is a touchy subject for a lot of people. There are a lot of different riders in this world and most have their own style. We as educated riders encourage from top to bottom coverage for a reason. Time has proven over and over again that it protects the individual to an acceptable degree. Top to bottom coverage is a helmet, riding jacket, riding gloves, riding pants, and riding boots. The term “Riding” means designed for the sport of riding a street motorcycle. We all have friends that have challenged this concept some have succeeded against odds but most have not and will contest to this day of the need for this kind of protection. The choice is yours.


  • Education? GWRRA has this awesome system to further its member’s education about riding… What!!! Yeah they actually offer training courses to help you become a better Individual rider, Co-rider, and even a group rider and that’s just the beginning of the educational opportunities you can volunteer to participate in.


  • Experience? They encourage each individual to keep logs of their rides for experience milestones, Patch requirements, and awards. So Ride often.




  • Monthly meeting are there for all… We meet and greet first off so get there a little early so you can sit next to someone you may know. Order breakfast chat it up, we have standard things for fund raising that go on like raffle tickets, Door prizes, games to win stuff and really anything that the group can come up with to entertain the masses. Then the meeting will kick off and the chapter news will be discussed, Plans for fund raising, Ride planning to other chapters functions, Community support / show of force might be discussed, Charity work planned. Volunteer's identified to perform tasks.


  • Our major functions like our “Summer fun run” “ Food and Fun” usually start off with a sign in then a bunch of fund raising signups for things like Poker Run, Mileage guess, ETC... Some food and beverage then it’s off on a ride around our local area sometimes we run as a group and some others ride to complete and relax, once done with the ride we hang out eat some more food, talk to our new friends about the beautiful scenery our bikes play some games and just be happy, Then the awards are given out for things like the mileage guess, 50/50 raffle, poker hand, and anything else they can think of. So check one of them out, they are fun.


  • Thursday Socials? This is just a chance to get out and visit with friends maybe take a short ride in summer time and in winter (most of us drive our cars), patronize our local establishments and show off our bikes. To see the next Thursday Social check out chapter M event calendar on the website for time and place.


  • Tuesday Mornings? A few of the retired guys or gals that like to get out and ride meet up on Tuesday at Carls Jr. for Coffee and a bite to eat, we talk shop, friends, bikes, rides, and just about anything goes, Sometimes they plan short rides for the day. So if you’re interested see our Chapter M calendar of events on the website for time and place.


  • Chapter functions are a way for each chapter to gain some monies to help themselves out, provide community support and just have fun, each one is a little different. Some are about riding, some are about education, some are about just relaxing with friends.


  • Are you new to riding a motorcycle, looking for a place to learn more about your ride and even enjoy it more, maybe even take an advanced riders class. We as a group of people that love to ride have experience, knowledge beyond most and are constantly learning new things about each of our bikes. Most of us chapter M members have a passion for the same thing as you that’s why we are here to learn, Have fun and enjoy our cycles. If you have a question ask someone we are sure to give you one of two things advice or opinion it is up to you to glean or reject.


  • Well I wrote this to share some tidbits about GWRRA’s Chapter “M” of Yakima, WA. I hope that it has helped bring some light into who and what we are having some much fun doing. Come join us for a ride you don’t have to be a member to ride with us, but you just might be one when the ride is over, looking forward to seeing you on the Road. Michael A. Turner


Ps any Chapter M individuals have any other FAQ’s or history tidbits to add to this page please type them up or write them out and forward/email to me I will do my best to place them in this page.



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