What is the Traveling Trophy?

Apparently it's a trophy that Chapters take from each other by a show of force at the possessors functions or gathering's. It has a strict set of rules.

What are the rules?

1. When you retrieve the traveling trophy you get to Keep it for one month.

2. There has to be 30 days in between having the trophy and being able to get the trophy back.

3. To retrieve the trophy there has to be six members of your chapter, in chapter colors, to be able to retrieve and take it to your home chapter.

4. If you go to a Chapter gathering and there is more than one chapter there that has come to retrieve the traveling trophy, if you both have six members and in chapter colors with you, then it would go to the one that lives the farthest away from that chapter that has the traveling trophy at that time.

5. When you have the traveling trophy you must display it at all functions that your chapter has.

6. You must Let District know that you have it, so we can put it in the district newsletter.

7. It is the responsibility of the chapter that has the traveling trophy to go and have the plaque engraved with their chapter and date on it.

Where has it been?










Chapter B  Nov

Chapter O Nov

Chapter Y Nov

Chapter V Dec

Chapter A Jan

Chapter V Jan

Chapter Y Feb

Chapter V Mar

Chapter G Apr

Chapter O May

Chapter B Jun

Chapter G Aug

Chapter I Nov

Chapter V Nov

Chapter I Nov

Chapter I Mar

Chapter O Aug

Chapter B Oct

Chapter Z Feb

Chapter D-Jan

Chapter I-Feb

Chapter B-Feb

Chapter I-Mar

Chapter D-Mar

Chapter I-May

Chapter D-May

Chapter I-Oct

Chapter D-Nov

Chapter I-Dec

Chapter I Jan

Chapter D Feb

Chapter I Mar

Chapter B Mar

Chapter V Apr

Chapter I Aug

Chapter D May

Chapter I Aug

Chapter S Sep

Chapter R Nov

Chapter O Feb

Chapter I Mar

Chapter A Apr

Chapter B Jan

Chapter A Feb

Chapter F Mar

Chapter I Apr

Chapter A May

Chapter G Jun

Chapter Q Aug

Chapter F Nov


Chapter A Dec

Chapter V Dec 27th 2014

Chapter V Dec

Chapter A Jan 25th 2015

Chapter V Apr. 2015

Chapter V May 2015

Chapter V June 2015

Chapter V July 2015


When can we get it from Chapter "?"

In May 2015 at any Chapter V functions.

Currently I have tried to track it down but it seems to be hidden with Chapter V. So someone lets go get it and keep it moving around.

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